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It’s baaaackk! What styles do you have that are still on trend?

If you worry about spending money on “fast fashion,” aka styles that are hot for the season and then out next year, then listen up and hear what’s a sound investment for your closet. Here are styles you may have purchased over the past three years that are still perfectly on step for this season.Continue reading “It’s baaaackk! What styles do you have that are still on trend?”

No one wants to be a migraine warrior

When I was in college, my secret ambition was to be a drummer in an all-girl rock band. I had never played the drums but I felt like I would be a natural…some years later I found myself with a set of drums to bang on to test my prowess. I think I’m “ok,” butContinue reading “No one wants to be a migraine warrior”

No thank you to New Year’s Resolutions

This year as my friends were posting their resolutions, I realized this would be the first year I didn’t. I have things I have been working on that I plan to continue and projects I plan to complete. Every day is a new one, so why limit my efforts to the beginning of the yearContinue reading “No thank you to New Year’s Resolutions”

But on Friday, it all got very real…

My husband and I just celebrated ten years of marriage with a trip to the Ozark Mountains. We started out toward Hot Springs and stopped at this adorable feed store in Texarkana where we ate lunch with a friendly Turkey and a whole bunch of chickens. The next stop was Hot Springs at The WatersContinue reading “But on Friday, it all got very real…”