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The non-house wife’s guide to doing it all (or faking it till you make itish)

When you have too much to do to even start your to-do list, stop. Just stop. It’s time to close your eyes and breathe and do whatever kind of meditation or calm down stuff you like. After you do your thing, then let’s get to work on how to get to work.

I do best with I have a pretty notepad or at least a bulleted note in my phone. Priorities keep me on track, so I think of the most critical “life will fall apart if I don’t do this thing,” and I start there. Jot it down. Keep going! Is the list done? Probably not, but here’s where the real smart work begins.

I prioritize, but I’m also realistic. I try to knock out a few easier tasks first so that I feel like I can do this thing. Putting away laundry is usually last on my list in every way. It may take me until Tuesday, but if I keep pecking away at that list, it WILL get done.

When your list is too long and your time is too short, go gather the troops if you have any. What can you delegate and trust that it will get done “ok,” if not right? No one available? Don’t be scared to outsource. Get housekeeper recommendations from contacts and you can also search for lots of local service providers.

Here are my throw it together tips:

  • Five minute miracle. Set a timer and tackle one corner, drawer or stack for five minutes straight. Go fast and don’t get distracted! You’ll be surprised at what you can get done in concentrated bursts.
  • Make throw away rules
  • Based on Replacement cost

-Time to replace

-Usage frequency


-Quality – do you have or need better?

-How often would I buy it or need it again?

-How many times used? Is it seasonal?

The best rule that you haven’t thought it might be this: “Has it served its purpose?” That’s a hard one! Are you holding onto a gift bag or an outfit you bought for an occasion that you haven’t worn since? It’s more than ok to go ahead and put that outfit on Poshmark or donate it. That gift bag? Well, did you use it? Have you needed it again? Ok, maybe let it go, too.

Here I am a year after writing my most-read post, Just Say No to New Years Resolutions, and I’m still working on my habits. It’s not a jump to the end journey. Being intentional and getting rid of clutter in your life and your mind are ongoing. It’s the never ending story, just like laundry!

If you have a tip that’s really helped you, please share it below. I’m always trying to improve my habits and I love hearing how others have gotten a handle on things.


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