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It’s baaaackk! What styles do you have that are still on trend?

If you worry about spending money on “fast fashion,” aka styles that are hot for the season and then out next year, then listen up and hear what’s a sound investment for your closet.

Here are styles you may have purchased over the past three years that are still perfectly on step for this season.

What’s in my own closet that’s still in style?

Good linen will never die! Slacks, blouses and blazers do double duty for business casual and special occasions.

A crisp white blouse that you can tie, wear as a layer or solo with work slacks or denim

Paper bag shorts


Essential blouses

Florals, especially Hawaiian type prints for both men and women

Pastels and super bright colors

Mint is here to stay. Coral is also coming in clutch with our classic cerulean and hot pink.

Skinny jeans. I don’t care what those youngsters say. Cropped is great for Spring and Summer. Anything goes now. It’s the Wild West when it comes to denim, although you won’t catch me dead in Z CAVARICCI.

Need help styling your closet?? Shoot me a message on FB or Insta, or send me some pics of styles you need help with and I’ll show you how to make them work with a few new items or just what you have living in your own closet.


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